Get A Driver & Truck from $30!

We pick up and deliver any thing too big for your car


Your local Maitland pick-up and delivery service

You get the man and the truck from only $30!

Little Green Truck is a local pick-up and delivery service. We pick up anything that won’t fit in your car and deliver service, care and peace of mind, on time, guaranteed.

We are here to help with all the things that can’t fit in your car. Our trusted pick-up and delivery service is at helm to assist you with any bulky items that you need transporting.

Why waste your time with truck hire?

Our pick-up and delivery service in Maitland does it for you

When you buy something from Gumtree half the battle is working out how to get it to your Maitland home. Maybe you’ve been searching for that perfect sofa, or you’ve found a replacement fridge, but once you’ve negotiated on a price you realise that you have no means of transporting it.

Whilst some might pick up the phone and organise a truck hire, more and more people are starting to see that the Little Green Truck’s pick-up and delivery service provides a much quicker and more affordable option. We pick-up, deliver, with care, anywhere.

You get the man and the truck from only $30.

Whilst a hire truck or ute hire would do the trick, do you really want to spend your free time picking up your truck, travelling around Maitland to get your new sofa, dropping it off and trying to get an extra set of hands to help you? With our pick-up and delivery service, we do the running around for you.

Why wait for your local retailer to deliver?

When our pick-up and delivery service in and around Maitland can do it on the same day

Has your fridge/freezer broken down and your frozens are defrosting? If you get on down to your local retailer in Maitland and purchase a new fridge the chances are you won’t get it for another day or two, by then everything will have spoiled. Why not call your local pick-up and delivery service, we can get it to you on the same day.

Rubbish removal in Maitland

Whether you are moving or having a big clean out it does not always coincide with council clean-up so what can you do?

While you are getting on with the job at hand we can come and do your rubbish removal for you.

If you are renovating your Maitland home, don’t waste time running back and forth the tip, call your trusted local pick-up and delivery service. Our rubbish removal service is fast, affordable and efficient.

Our furniture delivery services are perfect for your Maitland home or office move

There’s nothing better than finding a new home. But the reality of moving is quite daunting.

Why struggle when our furniture delivery services are there to assist. You can save money by helping load and unload, or you can request additional manpower.

Get your office moved and up and running in no time. With our removals service, you can rest assured your possessions will reach their destination in-tact and in-time.

Need a professional courier service in Maitland? We mean business

Whether its business to business or business to home, if you need a reliable courier service with a quick turn-around time, you can trust us to deliver. We deliver, guaranteed and Insured.

Call your local pick-up and delivery service in Maitland

We are your local pick-up and delivery service in and around Maitland, you get the man and the truck from only $30. We take the hassle and stress out of all your pick-up and delivery needs.

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